Ronnie Culpepper
Installation Manager

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Ronnie has been with Bay Avionics since 1990. Ronnie is extremely knowledgeable in installations, services, repairs, and troubleshooting from simple to complex avionics packages. Ronnie trains other technicians in proper installation and maintenance procedures. One of his specialties is rewiring and rebuilding instrument panels from the ground up.

Alex Bruce



Alex is currently our full-time installation trainee.

Mary Sue Rawls

Office Manager

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Mary Sue has returned to Bay Avionics after an eight year absence. She manages the scheduling, billing, and shipping for avionics installations, services, and repairs. Whenever you call you will hear her cheerful voice on the phone to serve you. We encourage you to call our voice line if you need help at any time or need to schedule an appointment for certification, repair or installation. We provide free estimates, so please call or email Mary Sue with any questions or comments.


The True Boss

Pickles has been the owner of Bay Avionics since 2005. She does not accept emails or phone calls because she has us to do that for her. If you want to be in Pickles' good graces, treats containing salmon or tuna are her favorite.

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